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Dan and I are the coolest of cool [08 Aug 2007|09:11pm]
We got matching tattoos!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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[21 Jul 2007|02:07pm]
Harry Potter 7 is so good it gave me a nose bleed.
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omg glasses [19 Jul 2007|09:55pm]
I'm going to cry myself to sleep every night for the next week or so if I don't win these frames:

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I have the stupidest ferret alive. [17 Jul 2007|03:10pm]
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Oh Nekrobutcher.

Good thing he's so darn cute.
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I love Queen. Almost as much as I love Burzum. [10 Jul 2007|12:34pm]
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I am to suspend soon. Updates as they come.
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Things I Learned from the movie "Grizzly Man": [15 Jun 2007|10:22pm]
1. Bears are pretty much eating machines.

2. They like to be left alone

3. If I'm a huge jerk who likes to punch bears in the face and just follow them around being self indulgent, then you bet I'm getting a movie made about it when I am later eaten by said bears.

I like that movie because it just seems like that guy really got what he had coming to him.
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Best Birthday Ever. [14 Jun 2007|05:00pm]
1. I got a huge tattoo.

2. I got 10 hits of acid.

3. I got white jade teardrops (plugs)

Wooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I'm so glad I'm 18.

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So this weekend I saw a truck flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [11 Jun 2007|12:37pm]
And I have a shitty picture!!

Zane, Abby and I were looking for this kegger way out deer creek and we were totally lost. There was a car driving behind us and we thought maybe they were going to the thing too and actually knew where they were going, so we pulled over to talk to them. It was just some guy and a chick who were "just having a few drinks up here" in their blue truck. We were like "lol that's safe" and then they drove off.

We missed the turn to go the keg but we were like "that probably wasn't it its probably just up here" and we went around a corner... JUST IN TIME TO SEE THE BLUE TRUCK TOTALLY FLIP OVER!!!!!

We were like "OMG AHHH!"

And they were like "OMFG OMFG OMFG!!"

So Zane called 911 and Abby and I went to see if they were still alive. Which they were. Just really, REALLY pissed off. They had their seat belts on and baring one cut on the guy's arm, and they fact that they were drunk as fuck, they were totally fine.

My crappy cell phone picture:
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[27 May 2007|08:28pm]
Today we ran out of pizza sauce.

And the other two pizza cooks who were scheduled to work, didn't show up until after five, and then the other until after 6. It was HORRIBLE.

I am so tired. So tired.

bumpy also HATES driving to arlee and back all the time.
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Important Life Lesson #2 [19 May 2007|07:35pm]
Nardcore is the most amazing, perfect and GLORIOUS genre of music EVAR. It is all anyone could ever want and everything you'll ever require as far as sound goes. It is serenity.

Anyone who doesn't like it should die in a fire.
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Am I only sleeping? [06 May 2007|08:22pm]
Things that are brilliant:

1. Those little day labels that come with my birth control pill pack that you stick on the thing on the day you start taking them again so that you'll always know what day it is/ if you've missed any days. That is brilliant.

2. GG Allin. Or at least he's fucking funny.

3. Knitting. Knitting is the greatest invention of all times. Its like magic, almost. I can make socks appear out of just string!

Seroquel is also great.
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grah [03 May 2007|09:09pm]
I am sick thanks to Andrew-I-am-a-gigantic-fucktard. That makes this the 4th time I've gotten the flu this season.

I also start on meds today. Seroquel to start and then in two weeks they'll add an anti-depressant too.

I'm scared. And I am tired of being sick. And Andrew is an unsupportive dick.

I had some great acid yesterday though. One hit and visuals and all. It was super fun.

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CRITICAL SUNDAY MASS [28 Apr 2007|06:18pm]
Is what we are going to call Critical Mass next month when Shaina and I wear our nun costumes. Because who could arrest a nun??

That said, this weekend was great. On friday Shaina and I rode in the CM and it was awesome. Three arrests were made to two people, and there were cops on the corner of every block for the entire ride. Sometimes they would stop us and bitch, other times they would accuse us of being hypocrites for riding bikes made with "petroleum products made by children in India".

One rode up behind me on his sassy lil motorcycle and nearly pushed me off my bike and said "that wouldn't of happened if you'd been riding in the bike lane!" and then ignored me when I said "But there aren't bike lanes everywhere!"

Then we all rode around the XXXs and shouted.

Today I went to Stitch and Bitch and worked on SnB's kitty hat for my neice and I am almost done and I am glad as I had to tear out about 2 inches of rows when I realized that turning stitches was a horrible idea and I never should have ran with it a few days ago.

And Dr Bob is here and I can get tattoos in less than two months. Wee!
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So you're gonna be institutionalized. You'll come out brainwashed with bloodshot eyes. [26 Apr 2007|06:03pm]

I am a colon!
Find your own pose!

Not only do I sleep like this often, but I also struggle sleeping alone!


On 4.20 Dan and I went camping with Ryan's Family and friends and some of our other friends. It was turbo fun and I got really drunk ("I am full of beer!!"), and took shots of tequilla with Ryan's mom, and we blew up a toilet and rode around on 4 wheelers and found dead things and Dan stepped in the creek "with BOTH feet!!!" and then we slept in my car and drove back to town, stopping along the way so that I could vomit on my car some more.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This picture is the definition of "dressed in layers". I'm wearing about 5 sweaters, 3 pairs of pants and a few layers of socks. Toasty warm for camping in april!

Andrew and I had a big dumb fight this week and I crushed the fuck out of my hand but then we talked for forever and things were resolved (how many times has this happened?) and now things are fine and dandy again.

Oh and the doc premiers MAY 11th not march 11th. At 7 or 7:30 on the 3rd floor of the UC. Hurrah!

Oh PS. I'm going back on meds and hopefully this time life will not suck.

They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy, myself
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What? I'm in a PBS documentary you say? AMAZING [22 Apr 2007|08:34pm]
No seriously. I am. I saw part of it today and didn't totally hate myself for it, so I've decided to tell people outside of my house and Shaina about it.

Its a documentary about Montana teens, and being as I'm a teen, and happen to live here in Montana, some journalism students (becca and marcus!) followed me around for a while and had me talk about stuff and get all angry and sort of make an ass of myself on film to be played on PBS!! omg!

Its kind of like that MTV show, True Life: I am a Teenager in a Large and Scantily Populated State.

But the point is, there is a premier for it on march 11th, on the 3rd floor of the UC, and its free, and I'm not sure what time yet, but if you're my friend you should come because:

1. Everyone else in the movie is wholesome and attractive, and they'll probably be there with their wholesome and attractive families, but being as my family is small and disabled I'll probably be going alone unless ALL OF YOU COME AND INVADE THE EVENT WITH ME. BRING BOOZE.

2. OMG Shaina, Andrew, Ryan H., Zane, Dan, and Nathan are in it too! for like a minute.

3. I'm pretty sure I moon the camera. Who doesn't want to hold something like that against me?

so yeah. Lets get drunk and invade this thing with our unwashed selves.
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blargh [19 Apr 2007|06:35pm]
today marks the end of my manic episode. Which means I'm at the other end right now, which I like to call "crazy with rage". Grah brain. I'm thinking of going to see another psychiatrist and getting on meds again and seeing how that goes, but I'm still scared because of the horrible experience I had the last time I was medicated. But I'm tired of being crazy with rage, so maybe it'll turn out positive.


ferrets are good

house is uh... stationary

I am sticky
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Nekro Darling! [17 Apr 2007|04:58pm]
Everybody loves Nekrobutcher.

Which is why he gets fancy drawings made of him!
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yay dan!Collapse )

that said,

Know your rights!!

The video is long (for a youtube video) but totally worth watching all the way through if you've ever been confused about car searches and ID showin' and cops and stuff.
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I am knitxor [15 Apr 2007|04:53pm]
Knitting Rules! is my new favorite book, despite its crappy, illustration-free heal flap instructions.

So I've been knitting Andrew socks (which at this point, may be too small for him, so in all likely-ness I'm knitting me socks, but we'll see how stretchy they are.) After overcoming the heal flap/ turning mystery, and the upside down petagram, I am nearly done and it is glorious.

Yay pictures!Collapse )

Socks are good for knitting because:
1. they are not boring! its a lot of stockinette, yes, but its in the round so its only one stitch, and therefor only one pattern, over and over again.
2. Heal flaps and turning are glorious mysteries filled with fun and adventure.
3. They're not scarves! and as such, take much, much less time to make than scarves!

Knitting is actually fun when you're not making scarves.
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mohawk is back and life is good [06 Apr 2007|03:35pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I haven't put it up yet, but oh I will soon.

that said, Arnold is once again AWOL. fuck.

edit okay hawk up picture time

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
it is large and in charge
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[30 Mar 2007|09:22pm]
new place and drugs and things are good the place is nice and filled with color and the ferrets are the stars
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