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So this weekend I saw a truck flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have a shitty picture!!

Zane, Abby and I were looking for this kegger way out deer creek and we were totally lost. There was a car driving behind us and we thought maybe they were going to the thing too and actually knew where they were going, so we pulled over to talk to them. It was just some guy and a chick who were "just having a few drinks up here" in their blue truck. We were like "lol that's safe" and then they drove off.

We missed the turn to go the keg but we were like "that probably wasn't it its probably just up here" and we went around a corner... JUST IN TIME TO SEE THE BLUE TRUCK TOTALLY FLIP OVER!!!!!

We were like "OMG AHHH!"

And they were like "OMFG OMFG OMFG!!"

So Zane called 911 and Abby and I went to see if they were still alive. Which they were. Just really, REALLY pissed off. They had their seat belts on and baring one cut on the guy's arm, and they fact that they were drunk as fuck, they were totally fine.

My crappy cell phone picture:
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