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I am knitxor

Knitting Rules! is my new favorite book, despite its crappy, illustration-free heal flap instructions.

So I've been knitting Andrew socks (which at this point, may be too small for him, so in all likely-ness I'm knitting me socks, but we'll see how stretchy they are.) After overcoming the heal flap/ turning mystery, and the upside down petagram, I am nearly done and it is glorious.

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In the end, I said "to hell with you, instructions!" and did what made sense as far as the heal goes. It LOOKS right, and feels right, so I'm going to assume I did it right.

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This was really hard and so probably only one sock will have a fancy devil design.

Socks are good for knitting because:
1. they are not boring! its a lot of stockinette, yes, but its in the round so its only one stitch, and therefor only one pattern, over and over again.
2. Heal flaps and turning are glorious mysteries filled with fun and adventure.
3. They're not scarves! and as such, take much, much less time to make than scarves!

Knitting is actually fun when you're not making scarves.
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