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What? I'm in a PBS documentary you say? AMAZING

No seriously. I am. I saw part of it today and didn't totally hate myself for it, so I've decided to tell people outside of my house and Shaina about it.

Its a documentary about Montana teens, and being as I'm a teen, and happen to live here in Montana, some journalism students (becca and marcus!) followed me around for a while and had me talk about stuff and get all angry and sort of make an ass of myself on film to be played on PBS!! omg!

Its kind of like that MTV show, True Life: I am a Teenager in a Large and Scantily Populated State.

But the point is, there is a premier for it on march 11th, on the 3rd floor of the UC, and its free, and I'm not sure what time yet, but if you're my friend you should come because:

1. Everyone else in the movie is wholesome and attractive, and they'll probably be there with their wholesome and attractive families, but being as my family is small and disabled I'll probably be going alone unless ALL OF YOU COME AND INVADE THE EVENT WITH ME. BRING BOOZE.

2. OMG Shaina, Andrew, Ryan H., Zane, Dan, and Nathan are in it too! for like a minute.

3. I'm pretty sure I moon the camera. Who doesn't want to hold something like that against me?

so yeah. Lets get drunk and invade this thing with our unwashed selves.
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