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Is what we are going to call Critical Mass next month when Shaina and I wear our nun costumes. Because who could arrest a nun??

That said, this weekend was great. On friday Shaina and I rode in the CM and it was awesome. Three arrests were made to two people, and there were cops on the corner of every block for the entire ride. Sometimes they would stop us and bitch, other times they would accuse us of being hypocrites for riding bikes made with "petroleum products made by children in India".

One rode up behind me on his sassy lil motorcycle and nearly pushed me off my bike and said "that wouldn't of happened if you'd been riding in the bike lane!" and then ignored me when I said "But there aren't bike lanes everywhere!"

Then we all rode around the XXXs and shouted.

Today I went to Stitch and Bitch and worked on SnB's kitty hat for my neice and I am almost done and I am glad as I had to tear out about 2 inches of rows when I realized that turning stitches was a horrible idea and I never should have ran with it a few days ago.

And Dr Bob is here and I can get tattoos in less than two months. Wee!
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